Things to do


There are a lot of things to do in Phnom Penh and its environs. Take your time and explore the village and lifestyle of its inhabitants. Go for a shopping trip for food and drinks through the village. Order something in Khmer and earn a bright smile at every single shop. The rice fields, surrounding the houses, are breath-taking during sunrise and sunset and it is nearly impossible to get there (as well as any other place) without having a group of children joining you on your way. There is a volleyball field where you can join a match with your new friends. Or if you are looking for a peaceful place, visit the local pagoda.


The main income of the people living in Pang Na is farming. The whole village is surrounded by huge fields, planted with rice, watermelons and pumpkins. Further there are trees with coconuts and mangos in nearly every garden. Depending on the season you are staying in Cambodia, you get the chance to plant rice or harvest vegetables and fruits.

Nearly every family has got at least one cow, which stays at the fields during the daytime. You can join them to take the cow home, combining it with a small walk through the fields and to the river.

So get immersed in the work of a farmer and learn about the organic way of growing fruits and vegetables since the Cambodian provinces are one of the rare areas that are not using chemistry.

 for a peaceful place, visit the local pagoda.

Going to a local market

You can join Mom´s daily routine, buying food at the local market. She takes you with the motorbike to a colorful busy place with market stalls inside, where you can buy clothes and toiletries and with market stalls outside surrounding a small lake, where fruits, vegetables, meat and bread are sold. It is different in every way from a shopping trip to the western supermarkets. Choose your own ingredients for the dinner, watch Mom haggling and joking with the sellers and be aware that there is no chance to buy food in a fresher way.

Spending time with the kids

When the kids get to know that foreigners are in the village, all of them are coming over to Mr. Thys house. They are eager to show you Khmer games and music as well as teach you how to dance in the Cambodian way.

The adorable children of the village love to improve their English skills by talking to foreigners and will walk around with you wherever you will go within the village. They will make you smile the whole time you spend with them!

Teaching English

Mr. Thy built up his own little school right next to his house. Three times a day kids are coming over to learn English beside the regular lessons in the public school. The children are separated into three age-depended classes. If you want to, you are welcomed to join the classes or teach English.

The German non-profit organisation Labdoo donated 14 Laptops for the children in Pang Na to give them the chance to improve their English skills. The laptops are provided with special (English) learning games and worksheets and frequently they are used in the lessons.

Animal Rescue Centre

One of the several activities to do while staying in Pang Na doing a trip to the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre to visit lions, tigers, elephants and many other animal species. Mr. Thy will take you to the park with his Tuk Tuk, which takes about one hour. Foreigners have to pay 5 USD to enter and are then free to visit all animals. All of them have been rescued from private households.

Make sure to watch your belongings while walking through the monkey reserve! They will watch you the whole time you are there. When visiting the black bears you will have the chance to learn more about the story behind the circumstances in which they were kept before their rescue. You also have the chance to buy food and different beverages from small booths in the Centre.

Phnom Tamao Pagoda and Phnom Thma Doh Temple

Close to the Animal Rescue Center there are two beautiful temples – one of them being Hindu, the other one Buddhist. In contrast to Angkor Wat there are barely any tourists visiting the temples. Surrounded by trees and a lake you have the chance to explore or just relax in the nature. Feel free to walk around in the temple complex of the Phnom Thma Doh Temple and take a look at all the monuments or graves at the shoreline.